Sorting and Rework 

RC Engine Service has been providing sorting and rework services to hundreds of vendors since 2004.  We have experienced staff available for on-site parts sorting, quality control, assembly, adjustments and repairs.  We primarily handle sorting in Volvo Hagerstown and Shippensburg plants but we are available for almost any sorting needs you may have.  

Please contact us with any questions concerning sort start up, ongoing procedures or billing.  For billing and accounting related questions please email us at:  For sort start up and technical questions please contact Zachary Huff by email at: 

Please click on the link to complete the form if you are ready to begin a sort or rework job.  

Sort and Rework Request Form

Billing and Payment Information

RC Engine Service currently charges $55 per standard hour for expedited sorting services.  On larger sorts we also offer discounted pricing per piece.  Please contact us for an estimate on per piece pricing and for pricing of scheduled ongoing sorts.  On all new sorts will have a 2 hour minimum setup charge.  Holidays, weekends and nights are not considered standard and are billed at different rates.  Our high risk & emergency rate is $80 per standard hour.   Please contact us for pricing if your sort will require non standard times for sorting and rework. 

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